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Can You Get A Manicure Without Nail Polish?

With most nail salons closed currently, use this opportunity to take care of your own nails!

Dr. Kline & Green Team
30 March 2020
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Everyone loves getting a manicure but doing so can come with some harsh consequences. Contrary to what many believe, nail polish can be extremely damaging to your nails and even dry out your nail beds. However, many of us still appreciate having the polished appearance of well-kept nails.

Luckily, there are manicures without nail polish or topcoat. Below, we’ll go over exactly what this healthy alternative to the traditional manicure looks like along with why you might want to try it out.  And with most nail salons around the country closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you can do this from home!

The “Naked” Manicure

Manicures without nail polish are often referred to as “naked” manicures. While there is no actual nail polish involved, your nails will still get the tender care they deserve. Your technician will be able to effectively remove the dead skin cells, shape and file the nail, and buff the outer surface to give your nails a polished appearance. During the ‘naked manicure’ you can also request that your nail tech give you a ‘hydration treatment’ with Doctors Kline + Green Hydrate nail growth & strengthening serum. This unique product is available in over 100 nail salons and spas across the United States. Of course, you can also ask for a luxurious paraffin wrap during the ‘naked’ or even the popular vitamin/protein oil soak.  All these treatments are healthier options for your nails especially if you love the look of a natural French manicure – hold the polish. Moreover, “naked” manicures pair with virtually every outfit and style due to their neutral yet elegant appearance.

Even if you don’t plan on exclusively getting “naked” manicures, having periods of time without nail polish is recommended for your nail health. Engaging in regular nail care is a great practice because putting on harmful, drying nail polish is not always wise. Manicures without nail polish can give you all the benefits of a traditional manicure without putting your nails in harm’s way.

How Can Nail Polish Be Harmful?

You may be skeptical as to how nail polish can be detrimental to your nails as a whole. Below, we’ll go over a few of the reasons you should try to avoid nail polish whenever most convenient.

Gel Nails

While gel manicures are certainly all the rage these days, they aren’t entirely healthy for your nails especially if used on a regular basis. To properly affix gel polish, your manicurist must expose your nails to UV light which can dry out your nail plate and lead to cracking in the future.

Powder Dip

Powder Dip is one of the more modern methods of decorating nails. However, it can have some serious consequences. The powder dip method is notorious for leading to cross-contamination. This can easily expose your nails to nasty fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Not to mention, the removal process of a Powder Dip job can be extremely taxing and damaging to your nails.

Traditional Nail Polish

Sadly, even traditional nail polish isn’t the best for your nails. Polish can dry out your nails and leave you with brittle, cracked nail beds. Moreover, nail polish can also make your nails more likely to peel over time. Not to mention the exposure to harsh chemicals found in most nail polish brands such as formaldehyde. In addition nail polish remover also has harsh chemicals that are bad for your nails. With the constant application and removal of nail polish over time, these chemicals can end up damaging your nails.

Sometimes, it can take a considerable amount of time before the adverse effects of wearing nail polish begin to appear. But often, you’ll see major damage after powder dip or gel is removed, however nail techs quickly cover up the damage, so you don’t even know how badly your natural nails look until it’s too late! That’s why it’s important to properly moisturize and strengthen your nails on a regular basis. Products like HYDRATE  by Drs. Kline + Green can help by using their patented and clinically proven products to restore nail health. Staying away from nail polish altogether can be an excellent way to proactively protect your nails.

Take A Chance on Naked Manicures

While it may not be your most natural inclination to ask your nail technician to ‘hold the polish’ when you’re in the beauty salon, but a naked manicure can be a great way to boost your overall nail health, and you can also do this technique at home! Moreover, you’ll still achieve the polished look with bare nails from a traditional manicure without any of the adverse nail-health effects. You could save money too if you decide to go the DIY route, along with using nail clippers and a nail file to keep your cuticles and nails in good shape at home.

While regular nail care is important, staying away from harmful polishes is part of the process. If you’re working on repairing your nails, we’re here to help at Drs. Kline + Green. Check out our full line of nail care strengtheners and products to restore your nails for the better.

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