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5.0 ( 4 Customer Reviews )

Clear + Restore Nail Treatment - Made in USA $24.95

3-pack is available at NEW LOW PRICE 3 for the price of 1

Clear + Restore Nail Treatment – Made in USA

(4 customer reviews)


Clear, healthy, beautiful looking nails are easy thanks to this simple-to-use topical nail treatment available in Single Packs for $24.94. This breakthrough formula by board-certified dermatologists, Doctors Kline + Green™, is clinically proven to restore all types of damaged fingernails or toenails. Clear + Restore® rapidly rejuvenates and improves the appearance of dry, cracked, weak, brittle, or yellowing nails, safely and effectively. This brush-on tube applicator is the perfect travel size and easy to bring along to your next manicure and pedicure appointment. Apply several times a day on clean, bare nails for best results.
All Doctors Kline + Green products are made and manufactured in the USA in an FDA approved facility. Due to the current circumstances and in order to protect our customers and warehouse staff products cannot be returned or refunded until further notice. Buy Clear + Restore 3-pack at New Low Price

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Reviews of Clear + Restore Nail Treatment - Made in USA

5.0 ( 4 Customer Reviews )
  1. Dan K

    I take this with me on the road and it lasts throughout the whole trip. Value for how long it lasts and the results have been great.

  2. Alex Pancko

    I am a hairdresser with a very busy schedule and clientele base. One of my customers told me about this product. I had a black spot on two of my toe nails for over a year now. This tube helped to get rid of it super fast. I was very surprised because, honestly, I didn’t believe it. I have tried everything that amazon told me to buy. So, now I will know to listen to my customers more often.

  3. Valery

    I am a happy camper thanks to this tube. 6 years of battle to bring my blackened nail back and nothing! Until I found this. 3 committed weeks and that was it. I am now a healthy Toe nail Girl thanks to this formula.

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Clear + Restore Nail Treatment – Made in USA Before & After Photos


Frequently Asked Questions About Clear + Restore Nail Treatment – Made in USA

Clear + Restore® is clinically proven to improve the appearance of your damaged nails. Doctors Kline + Green® products have been clinically tested on hundreds of patients with dramatic results when used daily for 90 days. A recent study by the renowned Dermatologist, Zoe Diana Draelos, tested the product with equally impressive results. The patented transdermal delivery system allows the nail to be penetrated quickly and the product to be absorbed thoroughly. The doctors are highly respected board-certified dermatologists licensed in the USA. Their products have been rigorously safety tested and use only the purest ingredients to ensure the highest standard of care for our customers. The nine ingredients are completely safe with no adverse side effects reported.

Yes, Doctors Kline + Green's product, Clear + Restore®, will cure nail fungus when used with a prescription anti-fungal medication. Anti-fungals such as Lamasil, Jublia and Diflucan need to be prescribed by your doctor. Prescription medication can have harmful side effects and should only be taken for a limited time. Clear + Restore® will help you see results quicker when combined with a prescription drug but can also be used on its own. It is best to use Clear + Restore® for a full 90 days without skipping any days in order to receive optimal results. Clear + Restore® does not have any harmful side effects but due to our patented trans dermal delivery system will allow your nail to be stronger and healthier.

Our products are approved for all skin types. However, when using this product avoid contact with eyes. Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation occurs, or there is no improvement within 12 weeks. Do not use on children under 2 years of age unless directed by a doctor.

Yes, nail polish can be worn while using Clear + Restore®. However, Dr. Kline and Dr. Green recommend taking a two-week vacation from wearing polish to let your nails return to their natural sheen and state of health. The sheen and luster will return quickly. Your nails will soon look so beautiful when using Clear + Restore® that you’ll want to show them off in all their natural beauty!

Clear + Restore® does not cause any tingling sensation or feeling when being applied; however your nails will feel silky and moisturized. Clear + Restore® is an advanced scientific formulation which uses only the highest quality ingredients. All our products have been clinically tested and manufactured in an accredited facility in the USA. Our patented transdermal delivery system has been rigorously safety tested to ensure the highest standard of care for our customer.

Consult with your doctor prior to use.

Yes. Clinical study data indicate it is most beneficial to apply twice daily, morning and evening, and to also treat the adjacent nails. You may also use more often than twice per day if desired. Very little product is needed, and the absorption rate is fast. Your nails will look better almost immediately.

Consult with your doctor prior to any use.

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