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Serendipity Spa Shares Their Experience With Doctors Kline + Green

Dr. Kline & Green Team
17 December 2019
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Introducing Doctors Kline + Green to Iowa thanks to Serendipity Spa

Serendipity Spa owner, clinical Aesthetician and skincare expert Melissa Poley, along with certified Acupressure specialist and reflexologist, Clinical Aesthetician Julie Anthony are sharing their insight on discovering Doctors Kline + Green products. Learn about the benefits and the ease of selling Drs K + G from the industry professionals!

Hi, I’m Melissa and this is Julia and we’re from Serendipity Spa and we found Hydrate from Doctors Kline + Green at the Las Vegas show this past June, and we personally tried it and found that it was awesome so of course we brought it into the spa to share with all of our clients.

How we’ve been selling it to people, is honestly, it just kind of sells itself, but I was using it on my heels for calluses. My mom was using it on her toenails for fungus, and it is currently getting rid of the fungus, and she’s been trying everything. My sister was using it on her nails, so I said something to Julia that she needs to try it.

So, Julie what have you noticed? Well I took my dip off of my nails, because it was just time. So, I was like okay, I’ll try it, but I actually have to cut my nails a lot now, they’ve grown so much, and they’re really hard. I honestly haven’t been as good with it as I should be, but I’ve noticed a difference in a really short amount of time. So overall, it really works, and we have it as a point of sale up here at our checkout. With the pictures that your company provides us with, it really just sells itself.

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