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The “Athletes Nail” Phenomenon

Dr. Kline & Green Team
10 October 2019
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As you run or walk your feet automatically slide back and forth in your shoe, thereby creating a risk factor every time you are banging the toe nails in various directions.

Many times when you are in constant motion, your feet swell up and harsh compression to the toe nail and toenail cuticle occurs. Foot problems and injuries are often an unspoken topic in and out of the locker room to athletes as it may be embarrassing and/or unsightly. However, skin infection and toenail problems are a condition often seen by athletes, especially to runners, swimmers, skiers and dancers. Often, athletes assume they have a fungus or athletes foot (also known as “tinea pedis”), which may be the case at times, however; many athletes aren’t aware that the constant intense impact they subject their toes to every time they dive into the swimming pool, step on the track field, pool, ice rink etc. put a toll on their feet. The constant impact to the toes and nail bed may cause the toes to turn colors from yellow to black. The increased pressure and trauma to the toe results in blood collecting beneath the nail which can cause discoloration of the nail and be very painful for someone to walk (Berker, 2009).

The importance of Foot Care & treating potential Foot Infections

There are a few ways to take care of your feet if you find yourself seeing some of the symptoms of “Athletes Nail” or any nail fungal infections for that matter (also known as “onychomycosis”).  Keeping your nails trimmed properly with nail clippers can minimize the risk of being injured due to the repeated pressure exposure to the feet. The longer your toenail is, the increased chance it collides with your shoe when in motion. Trimming your nails also prevents any sort of fungal buildup under the nails. Find athletic foot wear that properly fits your feet comfortably and lessens any pressure to the toes. Properly lacing your shoes keep your heel in the right position rather than letting the foot slide and collide.  Practice good foot hygiene, by keeping your feet clean you may prevent further injury and infection.

Many of these injuries are able to heal with the proper rest and care of your foot. If the pain to your feet becomes worse and you find yourself having trouble walking, it is recommended you call your local doctor, usually a podiatrist for these more severe cases. If you do find your nails to be black and blue, icing the nail is recommended. In many extreme cases, a podiatrist may drill a hole in the nail to relieve pressure or may even remove the nail completely (Bumgardner, 2019). Needless to say it is important to take care of your nails before matters get too bad. Luckily, fungal nail infections and most nail injuries can be treated with over-the-counter products such as Clear + Restore from Doctors Kline and Green.

Preventing Skin Infection & Athletes Nail

In order to prevent that awkward talk with your athletic trainer or doctor, think about the shoes you put on your feet before exercising. Being smart and preventing the injury will feel better than painfully trying to walk around the house afterwards. Fortunately to those who still manage to suffer from athletes nail, it is not the end of the world. Drs. Kline and Green have developed a patented product called Clear + Restore for the remedy to your athletes nail. Their clinically proven formula works as a preventative measure against Athletes Nail and will also help restore the nail to a healthy state.

Clear + Restore rejuvenates and repairs the appearance and health of your toenails, both safely and effectively with no side effects. Please be sure to use Clear + Restore every day until the nail has completely grown out. Find out more and purchase a Clear + Restore 3 pack online and fight foot fungus or toenail infections from the start without the use of oral medications such as Terbinafine.

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