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Watch videos where we look at our nail care products such as Clear + Restore & Hydrate.

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How To Repair A Damaged Toenail, Toenails & Fingernails

A new solution for blackened, yellow or brittle nails with Fungus Symptoms. Yellow / Brittle toenails are treated with a...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Videos

Nail Strengthening After Use of Gel Nails and Gel Manicures

 Revolutionary nail formula HYDRATE. Have you been hiding your nails under gel polish or acrylics? Brittle? Yellow? OR damaged...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

How to use Hydrate for Nail Repair

Watch this video where we demonstrate the application of Hydrate Nail Repair, that you can do in your own home....

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

Repairing Damaged Nails & Strengthening Nails

 I’m Doctor Mitchell Kline, a board certified dermatologist for 30 years in NYC, and I’m Doctor Jeremy Green a...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health