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Nail treatment that works – Made In USA

Are you dealing with cracked or damaged nails? What about nail fungus? We know the struggle that comes with maintaining and repairing your nails. However, all of this – and much more – can be restored and treated with Drs. Kline + Green® nail repair products. Created by esteemed dermatologists, Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green, these products are designed to enhance the life and health of your finger and toenails.

With Clear + Restore™ – the number one nail repair gel in the USA – you can restore damaged fingernails or toenails that have been affected by the symptoms of nail fungus. With the patented breakthrough formula and state-of-the-art transdermal delivery system, it can rapidly rejuvenate the appearance of dry, cracked, brittle, or yellowing nails while providing an instant shine.

Alongside Hydrate, an effective moisturizer, you can add a level of care and protection to your hands and nails. It can restore and strengthen your nails against chipping, hangnails and damage from overuse of harmful nail polish and gel manicures. It also helps treat dryness from frequent hand washing and is very effective on cracked heels. Hydrate works quickly, giving you instant results, and the longer you use Hydrate the stronger and healthier your nails will become.

Top Selling Products

By using Drs. Kline + Green® products, you can resolve multiple nail issues, such as weak and damaged nails, nail ridges, and distressed nails from overuse of gel manicures. It can even aid severe problems, such as nail fungus, yellowing toenails, onychomycosis, onycholysis and paronychia.

With two unique patents,  you can see why people love the nail repair products offered by Drs. Kline + Green® Within 90 days or less, you can expect your nails to be restored to their original beauty, GUARANTEED*!

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven by two of today’s top dermatologists, Dr. Mitchell Kline & Dr. Jeremy Green. Additionally a third party study by Dr. Zoe Draelos was performed.

Made in the U.S.A.

All Doctors Kline + Green products are proudly made in the U.S.A. at a certified, registered and FDA approved facility in Florida.

Dermatologist Recommended

Doctors Kline + Green Hydrate & Clear + Restore are recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists. Tests on our products have recorded zero adverse side effects, they are also environmentally friendly, vegan friendly, gluten-free, paraben-free, synthetic and scent-free.

Effective, Patented Formula

Our scientifically proven and unique formula has two issued patents registered as #7740817 and #7776349

Nail Repair Products

Drs. Kline + Green® understands that everyone has different needs to restore the beauty of their nails. It’s why their products are available in various sizes to cater to everyone’s needs. While some might require one tube of toenail repair gel, others might need several. We are committed to providing you with as many products as you need.

By consistently applying our nail repair products for 90 days, each day, you can restore your nails. Continual use beyond 90 days will proactively prevent nail issues from occurring again. Additionally, it is advised that socks, shoes and other contaminated surfaces be disinfected to avoid any recurring infection in your healing nails.

Whether it’s for cracked toenails, splitting or even yellowing nails, we have the products that can make a difference for you! If you would like more information on our products and other associated nail conditions, please contact us today.


Just picked up this product over the weekend it is fantastic. After multiple applications which seem to be like every hour with today’s pandemic my hands feel great. This product appears to have some amazing moisturizers for your skin. I found this online, worth every penny a little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product.
Dan W.
Dan W.
From attention to details on the customer service side to the best product on the market, one word – outstanding! After giving birth and breastfeeding for 24 month I thought I lost my nails and its health forever. Today it is not the case anymore. Healthy, shiny, strong, hydrated, long and super natural nails. All thanks to this company.
Tatjana S.
Tatjana S.
I was so excited on finding Doctors Kline and Green antibacterial hand sanitizers, and they are made in the USA! My family loves them! We got the foam, spray and gel and I am sure I’m going to be getting more now that this “new normal” will be with us for a long while. Stay safe!!!
Daniel S.
Daniel S.
This product sells by itself, the Foam and the spray are both extremely gentle to your skin, and dries very fast. We work at a customer service desk and we are constantly using it after interacting with the public. We love it!!
Pablo G
Pablo G
This stuff is AMAZING! This is the first medical grade hand sanitizer that I have come across that does not smell bad or feel sticky to the skin. Very lightweight & the bottle is cute too! 10/10 recommend
Mia A.
Mia A.

Best Nail Repair – Made in USA – FDA-Approved Facility

Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green are widely recognized as two of the most admired and trusted dermatologists in the world. Their passion and commitment to helping others are what drove them to find a cure for damaged nails and fungus.

After several years of intense research, development and clinical studies, they discovered breakthrough formulas that could elevate the standard of nail repair throughout North America while remaining safe and healthy. Their very own exclusive patented Drs. Kline + Green™ product line features products that encompass the most advanced scientific formulations available in the market.

FDA registered and approved, created in state-of-the-art FDA approved facility in Florida, all Drs. Kline + Green™ products use only the highest quality ingredients and are rigorously tested to ensure the very best standard of care. All tests are proven to have zero adverse side effects while remaining environmentally friendly, vegan friendly, gluten-free, paraben-free, synthetic and scent-free.

With clinically proven results that deliver remarkable benefits, everyone can enjoy the benefits of their nail repair gel, and hand and feet moisturizing products. You can experience advanced nail care in the convenience of your own home, and within 30 days, you can feel the joy of having beautiful natural nails!

Check out the Drs. Kline + Green™ product line and place your order today. If you would like more information on our products, please contact us directly.

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