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Nail Splitting Treatment


Nail Splitting Treatment - "Beautiful Nails in 90 Days!"

No one likes a split nail. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, a split nail can be a problem if you work with your hands this can affect your everyday life. It can be caused by numerous reasons, including injury, moisture, infections and fungus, and natural wear and tear. Regardless of the cause, getting nail split treatment is essential when it comes to your nails. 

Thankfully, with Drs. Kline + Green™, you can find that treatment. Designed by world-renowned experts, Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green, and approved and created in an FDA state-of-the-art facility, you’re getting the best product in the market. Experience the best results by placing your order today!


Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven by two of today's top dermatologists, Dr. Mitchell Kline & Dr. Jeremy Green. Additionally a third party study by Dr. Zoe Draelos was performed.

Made in the U.S.A.

All Doctors Kline + Green products are proudly made in the U.S.A. at a certified, registered and FDA approved facility in Florida.

Dermatologist Recommended

Doctors Kline + Green Hydrate & Clear + Restore are recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists. Tests on our products have recorded zero adverse side effects, they are also environmentally friendly, vegan friendly, gluten-free, paraben-free, synthetic and scent-free.

Effective, Patented Formula

Our scientifically proven and unique formula has two issued patents registered as #7740817 and #7776349

Nail Splitting Treatment That Delivers Results

To remove the threat of split nails, and to restore your natural beauty, you need a nail splitting treatment that works fast and effectively. You need a system that can repair any damage caused by split nails, and then help strengthen them in the long-run. You can only get that with Drs. Kline + Green™ product line.

By using a combination of products, including Clear + Restore™, Hydrate and the Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen, you can restore the beauty of your nails and enhance them in the future. 

Clear + Restore™ is a patented nail repair gel that is recognized for its transdermal delivery system, which means the lotion directly makes contact with the nail bed THROUGH the nail itself, rapidly rejuvenating and improving the nail. It can also remove any fungus if it is the cause of the split. 

Hydrate will strengthen your nails by restoring the damage caused by the split. It can also replenish the moisture that is removed from the skin surrounding the nails due to overexposure to water. Alongside the Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen, you can protect your nails against any potential germs or bacteria. 

The combination of these three products can protect your nails against further splitting while enhancing their beaut

World Recognized Dermatologists Creating An Effective Nail Splitting Treatment

Nail splitting can be a thing of the past with Drs. Kline + Green™ products! Made by world-recognized and leading dermatologists, Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green, their products have two patents, clinically proven results and are created in an FDA-approved facility. 

After years of research, development and testing, Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green have created a product line that clinically delivers results, is safe for individuals, and has proven to have zero adverse side effects. While also remaining paraben-free, synthetic and scent-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and environmentally safe, there is no doubting the quality and high standard of their products, especially as a cure for splitting nails

Whether your fingernails are split, or you need urgent split toenail treatment, Drs. Kline + Green™ products can provide fast and effective treatment. Place your order today and start your treatment!


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