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Dominique Sachse Talks About Hydrate

Dr. Kline & Green Team
16 October 2019
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Take a look at this video where Dominique Sachse talks about the benefits of using Doctors Kline + Green’s Hydrate product. Learn why and how Dominique uses Hydrate on her nails and how you can also benefit from using hydrate and have longer, stronger nails!

Transcript: Doctors Kline + Green, Board Certified Dermatologists, they’ve come up with a product called Hydrate, gentle effective hydration treatment for dry undernourished nails, this can be used in a multitude of ways, if you do a “natural” nail, this is something you can just take, pump on, and rub it on your nailbed, many many many times a day, as often as needed, but its super great for hydrating your nail bed for making your nails stronger and healther.

I have shellac, you can still use it the same way, you rub it on your nails, it helps with the cuticles, I will always do it as I am getting my nail polish removed and I put a layer of this on. And then they can do their magic at the nail salon and do my next round of shellac.

Find out more and purchase Hydrate online.

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