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Nail Health

From nail strengthening to retaining good nail health, our blogs look at how to keep your fingernails and toenails in their best health.

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Nail Salons Re-Open, But is it Safe?

The very latest update on the Coronavirus pandemic has seen a shift in the approach by some States in tackling...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

How to Get Rid of Fungus Underneath Toenails

Getting rid of a fungus infection underneath your toenails requires attention and persistence, especially once it has reached the nail...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

Do Gel Manicures Damage Nails?

Gel Manicures are insanely popular and give your nails a unique look— However, at what cost? Unfortunately, gel manicures are...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

Why are my finger nails brittle?

During the cold months, you’re likely to notice your fingernails becoming brittle. So, why exactly does this happen? More importantly,...

Dr. Kline & Green Team in Nail Health

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