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4.3 ( 4 Customer Reviews )

Drs Kline & Green - Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer -
Compact & Convenient $4.99


Drs Kline & Green – Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer –
Compact & Convenient

(4 customer reviews)


NEW – Our credit card shaped pocket size hand sanitizer spray bottle contains 20ml (0.66 oz.) of light citrus scented antibacterial spray. Meets FDA Standards.

Our DOCTORS KLINE + GREEN hand sanitizer fits in your pocket and is perfect for those on the go, fits well within your purse, jacket and more. The hand sanitizer contains 62% ethyl alcohol, which is proven to reduce the development of harmful germs, Kills 99.99% of germs instantly. This Hand Sanitizer is the size of a credit card and that makes it a perfect fit in your pocket. Our product can also work well with the CLEAR + RESTORE tube, and assist with better disinfection of the brush after each treatment application. Works on HANDS and FEET, as well as NAILS AND TOENAILS. Get over 140 sprays with each pocket size hand sanitizer piece and use when on the go to kill germs without the need for water.

Due to the current circumstances and in order to protect our customers and warehouse staff products cannot be returned or refunded until further notice.

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Reviews of Drs Kline & Green - Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer -
Compact & Convenient

4.3 ( 4 Customer Reviews )
  1. Adolfo

    I’m really pleased to say it was an interesting post to read.

    King regards,
    Abildgaard Cannon

  2.   Verified Customer
    Kevin K

    Great pocket size sanitizer when I’m on the golf course!

  3. Lora Drasner

    This is the greatest hand sanitizer! Fits into your back pocket and you don’t even know it’s there… until you need it. Smells really nice too

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drs Kline & Green – Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer –
Compact & Convenient

Yes. Doctors Kline + Green Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer is safe and effective when used as directed. Ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient in Doctors Kline + Green Hand Sanitizers including Pocket Size and Spray Pen version, has been used safely by the public for decades and is one of the safest and most effective antimicrobial ingredients known.

If used as directed, which is to apply enough Doctors Kline + Green Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer to thoroughly wet hands, nails or Clear + Restore brush, a consumer can get 140 uses out of a 0.66 oz. pack that is about the size of a credit card, and perfect for those on the go.

Germs live all around us. Our bodies are covered with germs that help us stay healthy. These are considered “resident or potentially harmless” bacteria and, they reside on and in the body. In addition to the resident bacteria, we are also exposed to ones that we pick up from contact with other people or objects. These are called transient bacteria. It is these germs that are often responsible for making us sick. Doctors Kline + Green Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Size reduces some of the resident bacteria while eliminating the transient bacteria on the top layer of the surface, or your hands.

No. When it comes to sanitizing products, formulation matters. The active ingredient is important, but the total formulation affects the product’s effectiveness. The product also has to deliver good skin care performance and our Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer is easy to use.

Yes, ethyl alcohol kills the bacteria by softening the bacterial membrane, allowing the alcohol to render bacteria ineffective.

It does! Especially with our Clear + Restore nail treatment tube that comes with a brush applicator. The tube is a multi-use product and is designed to be used more than once and lasts for 30 days. Therefore, cleaning the brush is recommended. Just spray the tip of the brush with your Doctors Kline + Green Sanitizer Spray and wipe dry with a paper towel and you’re ready for the next application of Clear + Restore! Also, feel free to spray the antibacterial hand sanitizer into your shoes to remove any germs lurking inside.

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