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Lora Drasner interviewed by Social MIAMI giving her at-home beauty tips

Dr. Kline & Green Team
24 March 2020
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Great piece today in Social Miami where Allison Weiss Brady and Brett Graff interview Doctors Kline + Green CEO, Lora Drasner. She gives her top 5 at-home health & beauty tips to help us “stay sensational while being away from the salon.”

Lora Drasner talks to the Social Miami team about home beauty tips such as a relaxing epsom salt bath, trying yoga at home, finding the right green drink, or her recommendations for home hair and nail care, such as taking off the polish and gels for a week or two to let your nails breathe.  Combining this with Hydrate Nail Growth Serum by Doctors Kline + Green will make your nails stronger and longer in no time!  Learn more about how to use Hydrate at home.

Read the full article over at https://socialmiami.com/at-home-health-beauty-care/

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