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Nail Salons Re-Open, But is it Safe?

Dr. Kline & Green Team
28 April 2020
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The very latest update on the Coronavirus pandemic has seen a shift in the approach by some States in tackling the problem. Recently Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has decided that some small business types will be allowed to reopen, as long as they maintain and follow a set of new guidelines to limit the spread of Covid-19.

The types of businesses that are reopening include hairdressers, tattoo parlors and nail salons to name a few. However, this change is not countrywide and many states remain in lockdown, for example in other locations such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Business owners across the United States are struggling to survive financially due to the Coronavirus crisis and the Trump administration has been keen to re-open the country for business as soon as it is practical.

Ultimately, where the stay-at-home policy has been relaxed and businesses are starting to reopen individuals can make a personal decision as to how they go about their daily lives. You might feel that it is important to visit a hair salon to get a haircut, since it may have be a while since you have had a chance to see your hair stylist. However, other individuals may decide to try to maintain some social distancing measures and avoid nonessential contact with others.

Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic

It should be noted that the Coronavirus outbreak is ongoing, and COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. It is still possible to pick-up the virus so you should be aware that even if businesses and salon owners are opening up shop, there may still be some risk.

When it comes to nail salons, at least as far as Georgia is concerned, this is a business type that is now going to be able to re-open. For those who are desperate for a manicure or pedicure then you will soon be able to see a manicurist for some nail care.

When visiting your nail technician, you still may wish to wear a face mask and ensure you wash your hands properly. You should still use hand sanitizer, such as the ones we supply, which are available in handy pen applicators, or come in credit-card size which is perfect for those on the go.

If you feel that it is still too risky for lengthy appointments and wish to stay on the safe side, then your nails may benefit from a rest from having nail polish and gel nails applied to them. If you are struggling with the health of your nails and they are not looking their best, then there are products that you can order online and are available for home order. Our very own HYDRATE nail repair remedy is perfect for those who want to look after their nails, but still want to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary contact with others. Even problems such as fungal nail infections can be easily dealt with at home, thanks to Drs Kline + Green’s Clear + Restore

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