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Glowing Skin, Strong Nails & Healthy Hair

Guide to healthy skin, nails and hair

Dr. Kline & Green Team
28 January 2020
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Glowing skin, strong nails, and healthy hair are signs we all recognize of optimal overall health. A fresh and varied diet will encourage good health and the responsive immune system to protect it. To get there, we have suggestions about what to put in your shopping cart and ways to boost your nutrient intake, including the addition of a good dietary supplement or two. As with all nutrient supplements, we advise you to consult your healthcare provider to find out what you need.

Gummies and soft gels packed with multivitamins, biotin, and omega-3 are an easy way to add vital health building blocks to your diet without facing a handful of capsules and tablets every day. Be a wise shopper when you read the bottle containing any dietary supplement. Know that nutrient amounts are usually listed in micrograms (mcg) and not milligrams (mg), and that 1,000 micrograms equals 1 milligram. Check the FDA studies that recommend daily allowances. That said, we remind you that the best way to get most of the nutrients you need is through a balanced and varied diet.

Healthy skin

The first rule for keeping skin healthy is to protect it from the sun, because there’s really no such thing as a healthy tan. Sun exposure is one of the most dangerous foes of skin health. UV rays wreak havoc on healthy skin cells, cause fine lines to become premature wrinkles, and seriously increase your risk of skin cancer and scarring. Use a sunscreen on all exposed skin and try to stay in the shade between 10 am and 4 pm on sunny days. The anti-aging properties of this one healthy skin strategy are significant. Note too that clothing is available to specifically block UV rays.

Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin D, fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids nourish your skin and are found in many delicious foods. Fill your shopping cart with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Stay away from refined and processed carbs and add fish oil and fish oil supplements to your daily diet to achieve younger looking skin. You may even improve an acne condition. And good nutrition helps protect your skin from premature aging caused by pesky free radicals.

Be very gentle with your skin. Some irritating skin conditions are caused by soaps, scrubs, and some cosmetics. Use warm, not hot, water on your face and in your bath so that precious oils aren’t stripped from your skin. Get enough sleep! A rested mind is more likely to give you a rested face and a healthy glow. And lastly, don’t smoke. Smoking encourages lines and wrinkles and certain skin cancers.

Healthy nails

Everybody wants strong, healthy nails with pink and translucent color and firm, uniform cuticles. You’re most likely to have it all with a good diet and routine gentle nail care, both at home and at a salon. If you have brittle nails, stronger nails are possible with the application of a nail care product such as our very own Clear + Restore.

Other changes that can help your nails include the inclusion in your diet of biotin-rich foods like egg yolks, raw almonds, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms, and spinach. If needed, you might try a biotin supplement, shown to promote healthy cell growth and help the metabolism of amino acids essential for nail growth. Consider, though, that the FDA warns that some medical test results may be affected by the presence of biotin in your system, so tell your doctor if you’re taking a biotin supplement.

For healthier nails and nail bed avoid continued use of acrylic or gel nails, and give yourself a break from nail polish. Examine naked nails closely and seek medical treatment for any possible toenail fungus or bacterial infection. Soak your feet and toes in warm, not hot, water; cut toenails straight across the top; clip hangnails and ingrown nails; opt for short fingernails over long; push cuticles back with an orange stick and apply cuticle oil; toss out those polishes and polish removers with harsh chemicals and replace them with more natural products; and let your fingernails and toenails grow out! New nail growth may seem slow (6 to 9 months for those toenails), but you’ll be able to monitor the health of your nails as you give them a chance to breathe. If you’re having problems with dry nails then our Hydrate product can help restore your nails.

Healthy hair

Healthy skin and nails usually mean you have healthy hair. And, like nails and skin, healthy hair is beautiful hair. Though made of keratin, just like your skin and nails, and just as responsive to a healthy diet, your hair still has some needs of its own. If you have thinning hair it may have resulted from a stressful event, medication, or even childbirth, all temporary conditions that you may be able to address afterward. Thinning hair is also common with aging. Actual hair loss must not be confused with thinning hair. Hot oil treatments and tightly pulled hairstyles may damage hair follicles and cause hair loss, and any subsequent scarring would make that permanent. Avoid tightly woven braids or buns, and tightly pulled pony tails; stay away from hot rollers and curling irons; protect your hair from UV light; and if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, ask your doctor about a cooling cap to help prevent hair loss.

No matter the cause of your thinning hair, the condition of your hair will tend to thrive on good eating choices that include omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Add to your plate a little kale or spinach, Greek yogurt, Vitamin-C rich guava, sweet potatoes, and lean poultry and you’ll have some delicious hair-healthy dining. Your hair follicles may be unseen, but maintaining their good condition is essential to a healthy head of hair. They act as touch receptors and guard the sebaceous glands that make hair soft and shiny. Hair follicles also like avocados, nuts, and sunflower seeds. Add berries, shrimp, oysters, sweet peppers, soybeans, and red meat for more lustrous and healthy hair growth.

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