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Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Nails?

Dr. Kline & Green Team
18 December 2019
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From hydrating your skin to preventing common nail infections, there are a number of claims about the benefit of using coconut oil. According to a study from Makati Medical Centre, this ingredient helps improve the moisture levels around your nail skin and hydrate your nails. Another research piece published in the International Journal of Dermatology discovered that coconut oil might help to improve the symptoms of eczema.

So, if you are dealing with rough, unattractive, and dry nails, you might think that applying coconut oil could help. In this article we discuss the potential health benefits of coconut oil and whether it is worth using it on your nails.

Are There Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Nails?

Besides hydrating your skin and hair, it is claimed that coconut oil provides plenty of benefits to your nails too. This raises the question whether there is any basis for these claims. Below are some of the claimed benefits coconut oil offers to your nails.

Can Coconut Oil Help the Ridges?

When there is not enough moisture in your nails, you are likely to end up developing ridges. While coconut oil has microbial properties, it is thought that it can help to eliminate ridges because it can act as a moisturizer. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil may potentially be able to keep your nails hydrated to some degree. Some people have added coconut oil to their nail care routine by applying a few drops of coconut oil and massaging it into the skin.

Can Coconut Oil Prevent Hangnails?

When your nails are exposed to water constantly, you may deal with painful hangnails at some time. Not only this, but a bad manicure can also cause a hangnail. This happens when a bit of your skin comes out from the cuticle of your nail. Keep in mind this opening can provide germs or bacteria a chance to enter your skin and cause infection. It is suggested that massaging coconut oil into the cuticle may help, but in this case prevention is best. Wearing protective gloves is an option when your hands are constantly exposed to harsh elements or water.

Can Coconut Oil Boost Your Nail Growth?

One of the claims is that if you want to grow your nails more quickly then try using coconut oil. Although coconut oil can help with some of the issues related to nail moisture then you may wish to incorporate it into your nail and skincare routine. If you’re suffering from weak, brittle or dry nails then you may think about using a specialist product such as Hydrate by Doctors Kline + Green. Hydrate topical serum is clinically proven to strengthen nails quickly and is recommended by dermatologists. When it comes to nail growth the best way to get a boost is by ensuring that you take care of your nails while also eating a healthy diet with proper nutrition.

Can Coconut Oil Help Moisturize Cuticles?

One of the claims is that coconut oil helps to keep your cuticle moisturized and if you have ragged cuticles using coconut oil can help to improve their appearance. If you do have ragged and torn cuticles then keeping them moisturized can help. So applying a small amount of coconut oil may be beneficial. Depending on what condition your nails are in and how bad the damage is, should dictate what you use for treatment. For general day-to-day nail care you might get some results from coconut oil. However, you are still better off finding a specialist product designed to help with strengthening fingernails and toenails.

Can Coconut Oil Help with Nail Fungus?

Because coconut oil is known to contain natural microbial properties it is suggested that it can help alleviate symptoms of nail infections. Some individuals may be tempted to try this as a DIY treatment for nail fungus but if you are suffering from a fungal infection then we recommend a specialist product such as Doctors Kline + Green Clear + Restore.

The goal should be to treat any fungal infection as quickly and effectively as possible. The reason for this is that over time nail fungus can get worse and damage the nail. Worse still, nail fungus can spread to other nails, leading to nail breakage, it could also develop into other conditions such as athlete’s foot.

Give Yourself Nail Therapy

If you’re looking for a home remedy to look after your nails try Hydrate which is clinically proven to strengthen nails and Clear + Restore™ which can help with issues such as nail fungus, discolored, cracked, dry, and brittle nails.

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