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Moisturizer for Treating Dry & Brittle Nails

Dr. Kline & Green Team
5 February 2020
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Brittle nails are dry nails

No matter what the season, tiny spaces between the nail’s layers of keratin protein can trap air or water and cause the nail to break. Breakage and brittleness are also worsened when your hands spend too much time in water, saturating your nails and causing them to swell and lose moisture as they dry. Another dryness culprit is nail hardener applied to combat brittleness. These hardeners usually contain formaldehyde, a highly drying chemical.

Speaking of drying chemicals, don’t begin any regimen of nail repair by removing polish from fingernails and toenails with an acetone-based nail polish remover. Your nails, like your skin, require more gentle care. As part of a more gentle nail care regimen, choose a natural nail product.

Nail moisturizing oils and creams

Nail care and skin care have some things in common, including the need for hydration. The most basic care of dry nails, like care of dry skin, begins with hydration. Many hand creams, lotions, and cuticle creams work wonders until you wash your hands and you have to watch as those soothing products circle the drain. Vitamin E, shea butter, essential oils like  sweet almond and almond oils, coconut oil, jojoba, avocado, and olive oil all help soothe and hydrate nails and skin, but only on the surface of your nails.

Soothing hydration is part of good nail and skin care, but prevention of dryness and nail breakage is your most effective course of action. The first rule is to wear gloves when doing dishes and the second is to apply a nail moisturizer, moisturizing nail cream, and hydrating conditioner for skin and nails throughout the day. Look for a clinically-proven nail care product.

Doctors Kline + Green Hydrate Nail Repair, gentle and clinically-proven, will produce healthy nails in just a few weeks. Developed by Board Certified Dermatologists, Hydrate’s patented Transdermal Delivery System works with polished and unpolished nails, and on damage left behind by acrylic and gel nails. Hydrate is a topical gel you can massage into your cuticles as you would a cuticle oil or cream and into the nail bed throughout the day as a gentle and effective dryness repair and preventative. Clear + Restore is a patented gel specially formulated to soothe and restore nail health to dry and cracked nails left behind by acrylic and gel manicures. Use Clear + Restore every day for 90 days for proven results.

Natural nails are beautiful nails

Polished, well-shaped, long nails may be ours with salon treatments and gel hardeners, but remember that your manicure or pedicure need not include polish and acrylics. Natural, healthy nails are often the most beautiful nails.

After removing your old nail polish with non-acetone polish remover, an applicator of Hydrate nail strengthening treatment by your manicurist will gently moisturize dry nails and cuticles without any side effects. You can continue to use it after your nails have returned to good health to help ward off new nail problems.

Let your fingernails and toenails breathe so the nail plate can support pink and lustrous new nail growth. Be patient. And without lacquer you’ll be able to see and clip any hangnails and apply an effective moisturizing nail product.

Find out how to get healthy and beautiful nails like this with Hydrate.

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