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Organic Ingredients for Nails with Hydrate Gel Formula

Dr. Kline & Green Team
3 December 2019
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Although cosmetically appealing, acrylics and gels will strip your nails into a dry, brittle mess that resembles something like the Sahara Desert; however, this undesirable consequence can be rectified by Kline and Green’s HYDRATE gel formula. Ultimately, the renewing properties of the HYDRATE formula comes from a combination of skin barrier replenishing ingredients. The formulation consists of unique concentrations of nine ingredients that contributes to the overall efficacy of the product. The following nine ingredients include: purified water, docusate sodium, urea, lecithin, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80, triethanolamine, and carbomer.

While polysorbate 80, triethanolamine, and carbomer ensure proper ingredient diffusion and attribute to the smooth, cooling texture of the product, the other ingredients are responsible for the moisturizing property of the product. These are ingredients such as urea and isopropyl myristate that repair the skin barrier while lecithin and propylene glycol condition the skin and nails. While all of these organic components offer amazing benefits, there is another unique feature involved that has never been used in a nail product until now. Doctors Kline + Green have a patented formulation called a “Transdermal Delivery System” which allows the ingredients to penetrate through the nail plate allowing for deep and effective moisture starting at the root.

The benefits of Dr. Kline and Green’s HYDRATE topical gel on nail appearance are revealed in both personal anecdotes by clients and previous clinical studies. Personal anecdotes from customers worldwide involve full nail rejuvenation with longer and thicker nails from the previous brittle nail state. In this instance, the top layer of peeling nails showed results in a minimum of 2 days with significant differences around 7 – 12 days. Significant improvements in nails with minimal damage were also seen with an increase in smoothness and shiny appearance. Seemingly insignificant aspects such as minor dryness and superficial peeling were also corrected with constant application of the gel.

Customer Testimonials

One customer states, “My nails never grew before and were always yellow, now I have started to use the gel from Doctors Kilne and Green and I am very happy because now my nails are brand new!  I am using it every day!”. Another customer comments on the one-of-a-kind nature of the product, exclaiming, “I love this product! There’s nothing else like it!”. The HYDRATE product gel also maintains its significant results regardless of seasonal changes with a customer revealing, “My nails are now a powerhouse! I am amazed. Even upon returning to the cold weather, they continue to improve and grow. I really can’t believe it. Thank you all for this wonder treatment.” HYDRATE’s patented transdermal delivery system can be used on both nail and skin disorders.

A client revealed positive results after 2 weeks with complete elimination of hand eczema after 1 month with an eradication of redness and scaling. Massage therapists have also used the product in hand and foot massages, serving as a complementary nail treatment for cuticle rejuvenation and nail improvement. Whether you suffer from nail or dry-skin complications, Kline and Green’s HYDRATE gel formula has the ability to transform your dermal appearance in a matter of days.

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