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Repairing Damaged Nails & Strengthening Nails

Dr. Kline & Green Team
29 October 2019
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I’m Doctor Mitchell Kline, a board certified dermatologist for 30 years in NYC, and I’m Doctor Jeremy Green a board certified dermatologist in Miami Florida. And for the past several years, Dr. Kline and I have collaborated to create nail products which would answer the questions that our patients ask us in our practices daily.

We saw a need for a rapid response to unsightly nail appearance, nails that are damaged by trauma, disease, aging and the environment, we developed Clear + Restore to see rapid response and improvement in appearance and then with continued and persistent use for 90 days, as the nails grow in, to see an even better response. Additionally, our patients come to us with nails that are damaged from the application and removal of nail polish. We encourage all of our patients to take a two week holiday from any polish application, during which time they will use our Hydrate product twice a day. The use of Hydrate will restore the natural sheen and beauty to the nails.

Additionally, we recommend, prior to any subsequent nail polish application, whether it’s at home or at the nail salon, to use a hydrate treatment.  Clinical trials with our patients showed dramatic results. We’re confident you’ll see the same dramatic results whether at home or in your nail salon with our Kline + Green products.

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