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3 Ways To Grow Beautiful Long Nails

Find out how you can grow long beautiful nails with these three pieces of advice

Dr. Kline & Green Team
13 January 2020
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Even without a manicure, long nails look elegant on anybody when grown properly. Famous celebrities from Cardi B to Kylie Jenner have all embraced this classic trend, inspiring others to take on beautiful, lengthy nails.

However, it can be difficult to know just how to take care of long nails in a way that keeps them healthy and strong. In this article, we’ll go over 3 ways to maintain gorgeous long nails while keeping your hands happy and healthy.

1. Keep Your Nail Beds Clean

Half of the battle for growing long, healthy nails is keeping your nails clean. Since we use our hands for so many tasks, our nails are prone to pick up dirt, infections, and other unwanted germs. This can cause easier nail breakage and brittle nails.

Washing your hands diligently will not only keep your nails healthy but will also give your nails a polished, sophisticated appearance by default. Use warm water and mild soap to scrub underneath your nails daily.

Remember, your cuticle and nail bed offer a gateway to the rest of your body, so keeping this area extra clean is in your best interest for aesthetic and health reasons.

2. Hydrate Your Nails Properly

Though proper washing is vital to growing beautiful, strong nails, hydration and moisturization are equally important.

After scrubbing your fingernails and hands thoroughly, opt to use a proven nail strengthener to help hydrate the surface of your nail. This is especially important in the dry, winter months, where the outside airflow can easily dry up your nail beds.

We recommend our state-of-the-art strengthener HYDRATE developed by Drs. Kline and Dr. Green for the best results. This strengthener is non-harmful and can be used as needed, though it’s recommended to be used at least twice daily.

In general, try to stay away from nail polish, even if it claims to be a nail strengthener. Typically, polish will just dry out the natural nail and prevent you from growing beautiful, long tips.

3. Establishing A Regular Maintenance Routine

Anything great takes time, and beautiful, long nails are no exception. In order to grow long nails, establish a regular care routine to promote healthy growth.

Contrary to popular belief, light trimming can help your nails grow even faster than keeping them untrimmed. This is not to say that you should trim them all the way down to the edge of your fingertip. Light, regular trimming, however, is healthy and necessary for growing long nails. It can also prevent your nails from breaking or becoming brittle, which is key for growing long tips.

Remember to file and shape your nails accordingly after you lightly trim your nails. By doing this regularly, you’ll be able to help direct your nail growth to achieve your desired shape. Buffing out your nails can also help smooth out the surface of your tips, giving them a sleek, shiny appearance.

Try your best to avoid nasty habits like biting your nails or pulling out cuticles. These bad habits can be the enemy of strong nail growth, not to mention, not very hygienic.

You should also consider preemptive care a part of your nail care routine. For example, when cleaning your kitchen or using harsh chemicals, wear a protective pair of gloves. Your nails won’t be susceptible to picking up harmful contaminants and will look better for it.

Growing Long Nails is A Process

Growing longer and stronger nails can certainly be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you develop a nail care routine that works best for you and your body, you’ll be able to maintain long, beautiful and healthier nails on a regular basis.

Hopefully, this article brings you one step closer to growing beautiful, long nails. Enjoy improving your nail health for the betterment of you and your body.

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