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4 Scary Things That Can Happen When You Wear High Heels Too Much

View the effects of high heels and how your shoe choice can influence other factors in foot pain and beyond

Dr. Kline & Green Team
14 January 2020
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High heels are a great way to literally elevate a look or outfit. While these stylish shoes are certainly a great fashion statement, they can definitely have some detrimental effects when you wear them too often. While many know about ankle sprains, calluses and blisters that often occur, here are 4 other careful factors to consider before dressing up for your next night out.

1. You could experience Back Pain

When you wear high heels, your body is forced to adopt an unnatural posture in order to compensate for the arched, elevated foot position. As a result, your body has to adapt to a new shift in balance, which can be stressful for your joints. After wearing heels too often, you’re likely to have some degree of lower back pain, which is never in fashion.

2. Your Toenails could become damaged

By wearing high heels, you’re not just potentially causing foot problems. The unique arch of heels forces your toes to be locked in a tight position, which places undue pressure onto your toenails. As a result, your toenails can get damaged, and even be affected in terms of the way they grow.  You’re also more likely to develop ingrown toenails, which can be extremely painful, not to mention not the prettiest sight for sore eyes. Ingrown toenails are exacerbated when wearing an exceptionally pointy-toed heel which are the current fashion trend.  If you’ve found yourself developing damaged nails as the result of wearing high heels too often, you may need to invest in some high-quality nail rejuvenation to protect your feet and nails.  The topical nail serum Clear + Restore by Doctors Kline + Green helps support proper nail growth and will strengthen your nails with continued use. The nifty brush-on applicator tube is small enough to keep in your purse for use on-the-go.  The light-weight gel dries quickly and will not leave a greasy residue so it’s completely safe to slip right into your pumps.  Another product, HYDRATE by Doctors Kline + Green can also be used on toenails as well as your heels which tend to become dry and cracked when wearing high heels all day.

3. Existing foot or leg problems could become worse.

Wearing high heels for too long can negatively affect your blood circulation and lead to developing varicose veins. This can result in swollen legs and ruptured veins. Your center of gravity changes when wearing high heels for prolonged periods which could put you body at risk for injury if you have weak ankles.  Also if you have bunions or hammertoes you may experience pain if you don’t give your feet a break. Many women find it helpful to lay down and elevate their feet and legs above their heart to increase circulation.

4. Your Knees could become weaker

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, wearing high heels can lead to an increased risk of knee joint pain and developing debilitating conditions like osteoarthritis. Unsurprisingly, this condition is much more common in women, leading some experts to believe that wearing a pair of heels is one of the major causes of the disability.

What Can You Do?

While giving up high heels completely is probably the most effective solution, this is largely unrealistic for most of us. Here are a couple of suggestions to protect your body while wearing high heels.

  • Wear Heels Sparingly: The less you wear heels, the better. If you need to wear heels regularly, keep a spare pair of flat shoes with you whenever possible to reduce usage.
  • Look For Supplements: Look out for supplements and natural treatments to help protect your body. In addition, stretching your legs before and after wearing heels can help protect you from further damage.
  • Get A Pair of Insoles: There are a number of insoles available made specifically for high heels that can make for a notably more comfortable experience while using high heels.
  • Talk To Your Doctor: When in doubt, talk to a podiatrist, a medical professional about your options regarding protecting your feet. The more proactive you are about your health, the more likely you are to save valuable time and money in the future.

You Don’t Have To Give Up High Heels Completely

High heels are certainly not great for your feet and nails, but that doesn’t mean you have to give them up entirely due to potential negative effects. Instead, make sure you are investing in valuable treatments to protect your body for years to come. With a little bit of extra effort, you can enjoy all the fashion of high heel shoes while still looking out for your body.

HYDRATE Nail Strengthener from Doctors Kline + Green can help keep toenails strong and is available to order online.

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