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Dr Mitchell Kline Uses Clear + Restore For Toenail Strength

Dr. Kline & Green Team
12 December 2019
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I’m Dr. Kline and today we’re going to treat these toenails their dystrophic, irregular and unsightly. It’s important to treat all of the toenails because some of the toenails clearly are affected and some of the toenails are probably affected, even though we cannot see it. So, I’m going to apply our product, Clear + Restore to all of the toenails.

We unscrew the cap. We squeeze the material that’s in the tube out onto the brush that’s designed to make the application simple, and then we apply it to the nail. It’s important to cover the entire toenail, as well as the tip, and also the base of the cuticle. The cuticle is very close to the area where the nail is produced and if we put the material there it will have its greatest impact as the nail grows out.

Now we’re going to go over to the other foot and do it identically; the same thing. Once a day application, done in the same way, on the cuticle, nail and also the tip. We will do the same thing again to one of the toenails that does not apparently look affected. The same thing to the fourth nail and to the fifth nail.

We have enough here for 30-days application, and we’ll wait until dryness, for our patient to put on her socks and or her shoes.

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