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What To Do For Cracked Nails

Dr. Kline & Green Team
11 December 2019
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What causes dry cracked nails?

There are several potential causes for dry cracked nails. One of the main reasons for cracked fingernails is aging. In fact, aging is one of the main issues for of a range of nail problems. As we age our fingernails tend to get a little thinner and are more likely to crack. The toenails are a little different, as we age these are more likely to thicken. However regardless of a person’s age, and whether it is a fingernail or a toenail, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your nail health and quickly address any issues that might occur.

If your nails are dry and have cracked, this can be caused by a lack of moisture within the nail. This issue can be caused by certain nail polish removers (or harsh chemicals) when used repeatedly. In addition, too many manicures and pedicures can also leave your nails dry, brittle and prone to cracking.

Another reason why your nails may have become cracked is due to a medical condition. This can be caused by a lack of nutrients, such as an iron deficiency, or an underlying health complaint such as psoriasis. Often one of the causes of nail cracking is a fungal infection. If you are unsure as to the cause of your nail issues, then it is a good idea to speak to a podiatrist, dermatologist or seek medical advice from a health professional.

Alternatively, if your nails are subjected to excessive hydration, they can become soft and weak. For example, regularly washing dishes without wearing rubber gloves can be a cause of excessive nail hydration and this can lead to soft and splitting nails. If your nails are regularly exposed to being soaked in water, then it is recommended to wear gloves.

What can you do for cracked nails?

If you’re experiencing cracked nails, it can be frustrating, and often raises the question what can you put on dry cracked nails to help them? Our recommendation is to use our own Hydrate product which helps you to restore dry, damaged and brittle nails. Often people have a regimented skin care routine, but they forget about their nails. Just like your skin, nails need adequate hydration to remain healthy. Most people would look at moisturizing their dry skin with lotion, but they often forget about their nails. To maintain healthy nails, a nail care routine needs to be undertaken too.

How long does it take for a cracked fingernail to heal?

The short answer is that it depends on how deep the crack is on the fingernail. It can take six months for an entire nail to grow, so it is a slow process. For fairly short cracks you might expect it to take a month for the nail to grow out. It should be noted that once the nail is cracked it will not heal together again, instead it will need to grow back. However, if you have brittle splitting nails, then if you do not address the issue then this problem may continue to occur on a regular basis. In addition to this if the nail has detached from the nail plate then it will not reattach itself. It will need to grow back.

Use Hydrate to help maintain healthy nails. Find out more about Hydrate https://doctorsklineandgreen.com/hydrate-nail-hydration-treatment

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