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How to Fix Broken Nails with Gel Polish On

15 August 2020
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Nail repair is a remarkably common problem. However, less common is the issue of trying to fix it with your gel polish currently on your nails. Typically, the ideal solution is removing your nail polish and remedying the area with one of several methods, which we discuss below. 


However, if you are in need of an immediate solution, such as repairing a quality manicure that was damaged before an event, you have a few choices available. For example, you can apply several layers of clear coat to the split and hope that it will maintain its shape until after the event. Or, you can use a small amount of nail glue and worry about the consequences when you have more time. 


The Best Nail Repair Solution


If you have a nail that has cracked, you will need to repair the nail. One of the most effective ways to perform this operation is by adding a small backing material to the crack. The material itself is variable, but you want to focus on some specific qualities. 


First, the material should be thin. If you add an inch of material to your nail, it will be very noticeable, regardless of your concealing method. Next, the material must be durable. A piece of paper, cut into the shape of a fingernail, will not have the rigidity necessary to maintain the repair for any length of time. Finally, it helps if the material is composite or packed, rather than a single piece. 


There are several good materials available for this technique, such as aesthetic mesh, silk, nail or wood glue, and much more. Again, the material itself is less relevant than the qualities it possesses. After you have found your material, the next step is shaping it to fit over the cracked nail. Usually, a pair of scissors will suffice, but ensure the product is slightly larger than the break.


The next step in the process is to apply and seal the material to your nail. Nail glue works best as the adhesive, but if you do not have any available, don’t fret. Instead, you may have to spend a bit of extra work and apply layers of nail polish over the crack. Remember, at this stage the objective is only to form the bond between your repair material and the broken nail. It may not be pretty, yet.


After your adhesive is dry, you will now begin to finely shape the material. Using an emery board, gently shave away any sharp edges or peculiar-looking bumps. This is your time to truly regain the look and feel of your nail. If you are using nail polish, plan to apply finish coats and stress less about the look of the shaping layers.


How to Prevent Nail Repair 

Now you know how to fix a cracked or broken nail in a relatively quick fashion. However, even better than this solution is preventing the crack in the first place. To do that, you should include quality nail repair gel in your routine. 


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