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What Do White Spots On Nails Mean?

25 September 2020
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White spots on fingernails are common. 

Many people panic when they see them and begin to worry for the worst. But rarely is it a problem to be concerned about. 

These white spots in your fingernail can be caused by several factors, some more common than others. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Nail Treatment For White Spots On Your Nails  

What Causes White Spots on My Nail? 

The most common cause of white spots is leukonychia, an injury to the nail bed itself, such as hitting your nail on an object. It can also occur after frequent manicures and pedicures or using gel or acrylic nails.

In rare cases, white spots can be a sign of an allergic reaction, fungal infection (most commonly onychomycosis), or, you guessed it, mineral deficiency, aka a lack of calcium. It is best to speak to your doctor to confirm what it could be. 

How Do I Get Rid of The White Spots? 

If the white spots are caused by leukonychia, you would most likely have to wait for the nail to grow out. The standard reaction for people is to buffer out their nails to remove the white spots. But OPI Ambassador, Jenni Draper, advises against it as “over-buffing will cause other problems in the long-run.”

White spots on fingernails

You can aid its recovery by applying a nail repair gel that replenishes the nail bed and rapidly rejuvenates and improves the nail itself. This will ensure that that nail maintains its natural beauty and strong foundation while the white spots slowly grow out. 

However, if the white spots are a sign of onychomycosis, then speaking to your doctor and using fingernail and toenail fungus cream can help remove the fungus while protecting your nails. 

If it is due to cosmetic reactions, it is best to reduce the number of procedures you do while implementing a strict nail treatment that includes nail repair gels, a healthy diet, and careful nails management. 

The Outlook Is Good 

White spots on your nails are nothing more than a bothersome spot. There is nothing to panic about if you develop some on your nails. Rarely there are signs of a bigger problem and will most likely, disappear on their own. 

If you are concerned, a quick visit to your doctor can help clear up any of your concerns. 


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