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How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

Dr. Kline & Green Team
24 December 2019
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What to put on toenails to make them healthy?

Nail health can be broken down into two different areas. These are: how to keep and maintain your current nail health, if you already have healthy nails, and how to treat your nails if you are suffering from some kind of nail condition, such as brittle nails or nail fungus.

We’ll take you through the process of general nail care and offer some solutions to problems you might be having with your nails.

How to Maintain Your Nail Health 

If you already have healthy nails, and are looking for ways to maintain your nail health, then there are a few pointers that can help ensure that your nails remain healthy.

If you regularly use nail polish and nail polish remover, or you go for a regular manicure or pedicure then your chances that your nails can become brittle over time are increased. You can take a break from your usual routine to help your nail health, and you can also use a specialized moisturizer on your nails to help them from drying out and becoming brittle. We recommend our Hydrate product which is available to buy online or over-the-counter.

How to Deal With Nail Health Issues. 

Often, we only think about looking after our nails when we notice there is some kind of problem with them. Two of the main issues that people tend to suffer with are brittle nails and toenail fungus.

When it comes to brittle nails there is a fairly long list of potential causes. Health issues such as vitamin deficiency can cause issues. If you suspect that your brittle nails are caused by an underlying health complaint then you should speak to a doctor about your concerns. Other issues with brittle nails can be caused by how we treat our nails.

If you’re dealing with a fungal infection on your nails, then you will need to deal with the issue quickly and effectively. Nail fungus  (Onychomycosis) can clear up on its own, but more often it will only get worse, and a side effect is that it can spread to other nails, and can even lead to other issues such as athlete’s foot too. Even worse, toenail fungus can lead to the nail completely removing from the nail-bed itself. So if you notice the signs of toenail fungus, then you should deal with it immediately to help maintain healthy feet and toenails.

If you see changes in how your nails look such as thickening or discoloration then you may have issues with nail fungus. If you’re looking for a product for both toenail fungus and fingernail fungus then we recommend our own product Clear + Restore for this.

You are more likely to get toenail fungus than fingernail fungus (although it is still possible to get either). The reason for this is that fungus thrives in sweaty environments, such as when you wear shoes. Sweaty feet can be the breeding ground for foot fungal issues. So one health tip is to deal with sweaty feet quickly.

There are a number of things that can help with sweaty feet. Washing your feet with antibacterial soap and warm water can help. This can be a good DIY way to reduce sweating feet. Changing your shoes to a pair that can breathe will also reduce sweat issues. Check your socks. Some materials are better than others for dealing with sweaty feet. For instance, cotton socks can breathe but could also lead to issues if they are not washed often. Also, be conscientious to dry your feet thoroughly including between the toes. This can help maintain general toe and foot health.

Other causes for toenail fungus are gyms and locker rooms where your feet are exposed. You can reduce the likelihood of this occurring by wearing flip flops and sandals in the changing room and even in the shower itself. Some gyms have adopted this as a rule, and it is a good habit to adopt too for general foot care.

To maintain healthy toenails and fingernails there are a number of products you can use. For brittle and dry nails we recommend Hydrate, and for nail fungus issues we suggest our Clear + Restore product.

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