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Lora Drasner, CEO of Doctors Kline + Green®

Doctors Kline + Green CEO Lora Drasner talks about her companies new and innovative nail products.

Dr. Kline & Green Team
27 November 2019
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Lora Drasner

Doctors Kline + Green® was originally developed and patented by a well-known chemist and dermatologists to alleviate the symptoms of toenail fungus. This product has been clinically proven effective as long as it is applied as directed. The directions are very simple – a daily application to the compromised nail. Just massage the product into the nail plate. There are zero harmful ingredients so multiple applications of the product are completely safe. If you have severe damage to the nail or what you think is nail fungus for many years you will be able to remove the symptoms but it is very important to keep using the product every day until your toenail or fingernail has grown out. After that it is most helpful to continue applying the product as preventative maintenance.

How CLEAR + RESTORE® works for nail fungus

Millions of people suffer from nail fungus so you are not alone and there is no need to be embarrassed. I have come across many women who have the symptoms and just cover it up with toenail polish, which is not the answer to a problem which needs to be addressed. Once you see any type of mark on your nail you should immediately apply Doctors Kline + Green® CLEAR + RESTORE and massage it into the nail daily. Continue to do this until the nail is completely grown out. It is also advised to always wear clean socks with your shoes because there are bacteria in your actual shoes. Socks are the protective layer for your toes. Please know that it is a long slow process to remove toenail fungus symptoms but most people have been living with this condition for years and rest assured there is hope and they will improve. Be persistent and do not get discouraged just keep applying the product daily. We have hundreds of testimonials from happy customers who now have nails that they are proud to show off!

How our product is different from other nail strengthening products

You may be wondering why our product is different than anything else on the market. Well there are several reasons:

1) We have two issued and registered patents for our unique product.

2) The delivery system of our topical gel is unlike anything else on the market and separates our brand from the other products. The technical term is called a ‘transdermal delivery system‘ which means the product is able to penetrate through the nail plate and down to the surface of the nail. Our product enables your nail to become stronger at this deep level within, thereby allowing the nail to grow out and as it grows the nail becomes clear and healthy.

3) Our formula only has nine ingredients and it is the unique combination and concentrations of these nine ingredients which create our transdermal delivery system that is so effective for all toenail and fingernail problems.

Doctors Kline + Green products work by strengthening the nail plate making it stronger and harder for damage to occur. Our products are also amazing because they not only help people with nail fungus but also severely compromised and damaged nails that effect athletes. This particular type of damage is referred to as ”Athletes Nail”. Runners, skiers, hikers etc. get nail trauma and damage because of the constant pressure inside their sports shoes on their toenails. Their nails often become weakened and deformed, then the nail lifts away from the toe due to the constant pressure. Athlete Nail should not be confused with Athletes Foot which is a completely different foot issue. Athletes foot is a scaly itchy rash and fungal infection between the toes. Doctors Kline + Green® can help with that too In addition to softening and moisturizing dry cracked heels. Note, our specialty is the toenails and the fingernails but DKG works on the entire foot too! Each of our products contains our patented transdermal delivery system so HYDRATE and Clear + Restore are incredibly effective.

Benefits on damaged nails with HYDRATE & Clear + Restore

Another amazing benefit from Dr Kline + Green® is that it works miracles on damaged nails after women have removed their gel polish or shellac. There is often a lot of damage to the nail when polish or shellac is removed, such as stripping the top layer of the nail. Clear + Restore and Hydrate will revitalize the nails very quickly when this is your issue. Hydrate is available in a tall bottle with an airless pump dispenser and can easily be used on your elbows and heels if they’re dry and cracked. Clear + Restore is available with a neat brush-on tube applicator which is very convenient and easily fits into your purse. It is advised to always apply a Doctors Kline + Green product during the manicure on bare nails before applying any gel or polish.

nail strengthener

Ask your manicurist to apply the product and massage it into the nails. It starts working immediately and this will at least give you a nice healthy base before putting on the gels or acrylics. You can also continue to apply hydrate at home over your polish. Please note it will not disrupt your nail polish however just be sure to thoroughly massage the product into your cuticle so it can penetrate the nail bed. Our Dermatologists, Dr. Mitchell Kline and Dr. Jeremy Green recommend that everyone should take a break from using nail polish or gels for at least two weeks every six months. Just take a break and go ‘au-naturale’. During that time use HYDRATE on your nails every day. They will become healthier after the first application – you will see an instant shine and then notice that your hang nails start to disappear and your cuticles become softer. Next you will notice that your nails are becoming stronger and appear to grow faster. The faster growth of the nail is because they are not chipping, splitting and cracking and are not as weak and brittle. After this two week break from gels and acrylics you may find you never need to go back to artificial nails because your natural nails will look so beautiful and healthy.

Yes, I am a believer in the product!! I am so proud to be the CEO of this company because we have a real product that really works and can help millions of people. Almost everyone has had some sort of nail problem at some point in their life and DOCTORS Kline + Green® is here to help you.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, I am always happy to answer and be of help. That’s why we’re here!!

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