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Hand Sanitizer Benefits

Dr. Kline & Green Team
12 February 2020
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We all know that hand hygiene is a good idea, but when it comes to the use of hand sanitizers, we might not completely understand all of their benefits and why we should use them on a regular basis for our health care.

What are the benefits of hand sanitizers?

Cleanliness – The most obvious benefit for using hand sanitizers is that they can kill germs. If you use a hand sanitizer on a regular basis it can help you avoid infection (and spreading it) and reduce your sick days. However, not all hand sanitizers are the same, so you need to pick which one you use carefully.

To kill germs, you will need to find a hand sanitizer that contains ethyl alcohol. Sanitizers that are alcohol free or that contain completely natural ingredients may help kill germs but will not be as effective as a hand sanitizer that contains ethyl alcohol. You’ll need to check the ingredients to be sure and for best results and cleanliness avoid non-alcohol hand sanitizers. You should also pick a hand sanitizer with over 60 percent alcohol concentration since these will be the most effective at killing germs.

We recommend using a hand sanitizer to help with infection control such as reducing the likelihood of respiratory infections that can be transferred by sneezing, coughing and touch. It’s good to keep clean hands all year round, but you should be vigilant with hand sanitizer use in flu season, especially in crowded locations.

Portability – Proper handwashing with soap and water is important because it can kill germs but also remove dirt and grime from your hands. Unfortunately, washing hands is not always an option if you do not have access to a bathroom. A major benefit of some hand sanitizers is that they are portable.  You can keep the germs at bay wherever you are if you carry a portable hand sanitizer. So, if you’re at the airport, railway station, out shopping or even in the office, if you can’t get to a restroom, using a hand sanitizer instead can help.

You can get easy to carry travel sanitizers such as the Doctors Kline  +Green anti-bacterial hand sanitizer spray pen

Simplicity – Even if you do have access to a restroom you may only wash your hands when you visit the bathroom. You might forget to wash your hands, or you may not be inclined to make the trip to wash your hands in every instance where it would be beneficial to do so. With a portable hand sanitizer, it’s super simplistic to use, so you can get in the habit of using it regularly. Because you don’t need additional water to use one, nor do you need to dry your hands it makes using a hand sanitizer very convenient.

Improves Your Productivity – We all get sick from time to time and need to take some time out to recover. You can’t avoid all illnesses, but you can reduce the chances of catching certain illness by sanitizing your hands regularly, so this can help avoid absenteeism from work, making you more productive and efficient.

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